Long Lost Family

S6 | E8 | Airdate: 12/07/2019
Patrice's (42) life began in a horrific way, being abandoned in a trash can days after being born. However, this macabre mystery didn't prevent her from having a happy life. She was soon adopted into a loving household and her adoptive parents were always very supportive. Eventually they told her of her birth story and ever since Patrice has wanted to know the reasons why her birth mother would make such a drastic choice. Patrice has enlisted Lisa Joyner's help to unravel this mystery and find some answers. However, if family is found, because of the circumstances of her birth and abandonment, Patrice is not sure if she wants to actually meet them. Mary-Ann (50) grew up in a poor, Hispanic family in southern Texas. Even though she was lighter-skinned than her family and had blonde hair as a kid, Mary-Ann never thought any different of her family. That is until she got her DNA test results back where it stated she was from English and Scottish heritage, not from any of the Spanish ethnicities. Mary-Ann's whole world began to crumble. How could this be? Both of her parents were deceased and the state had no records of an adoption. Mary-Ann and her husband where left speechless. She hopes Chris Jacobs can help unlock the mystery of how she came to be raised by the wrong family.