My 600-Lb. Life

S8 | E7 | Airdate: 02/12/2020
Joyce recently hit rock bottom when her weight got so bad that she had to close the daycare facility it had always been her dream to run, because she could no longer get around and fulfill her duties for the children under her care. Now she lives a one-room life, relying on her live-in care assistant Dawn for everything, with the occasional visit from her mom the only break to the monotonous agony of her downward spiraling life. When Dr. Now is able to arrange medical transport to get Joyce from Kansas City to Houston, it's a one-way ticket because at Joyce's size she won't be able to make the trip more than once. But her journey gets off to a rocky start when after a long painful ride she is hospitalized and placed on a controlled diet. Joyce is able to lose a bunch of weight in the hospital, but the real test comes when Dr. Now sends her home to see if she can stick to the diet on her own. When the doctor begins to suspect that Joyce has a delusional view of her own caloric intake, he sends her to therapy to address some of her underlying psychological issues, but therapy will lead Joyce to confront issues with her mother, but Joyce is finally starting to get along with her mother after years and years of turmoil in their relationship, and she doesn't want to risk upsetting the status quo. Ultimately Joyce will have to decide whether or not to follow the path that Dr. Now has set her own, when it starts to look like the key to losing weight for her will require opening old wounds with her mom to let them finally heal properly.

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