Deadliest Catch: The Bait

SN 5 | EP 8 | Salt And Steel

On their very own pre-show, the captains count down to the season finale of Deadliest Catch. From Bill's potentially career-ending injury, to the tearful revelation that jolts the captains' table - the skippers hold no bars as they dig in with Bait-exclusive intel on how the Bering Sea has molded them into who they are. Sig confronts his worst scenario in a raging storm; Mandy and Clark reveal what's in store for their future. Jake holds Bill's feet to the fire asking if his career was worth his family. The veterans debate whether they consider the young guns their peers, and it's the Wizard vs. the Summer Bay in the final Crabber Olympics of the season. Sig finally gets his revenge on his son-in-law when he forces Clark to compete in the face-melting ghost pepper challenge.

Available: Discovery GO,, VUDU

Deadliest Catch: The Bait