90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After?

SN 4 | EP 14 | Tell All (Part 2)

In Part two of 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After? The Couples Tell All, the couples settle back on the couch with the exception of Chantel and Pedro. Shaun turns the attention back to Ashley and Jay as Ashley walks us through her initial decision to stay with Jay. Ashley explains there is more to their relationship than what we've seen. Jay's honesty about his sexual history in the U.S. leaves Pao in disgust. Jay holds firm that there is more to the story than Ashley is leading everyone to believe. Shaun introduces Elizabeth's father, Chuck. Shaun plays a clip highlighting Elizabeth's struggles to mediate between her husband and her family. Chuck elaborates on the root of his issues with Andrei. Elizabeth begs both men in her life to swallow their pride. Elizabeth and Andrei share more about their future Moldovan wedding and Eleanor's baptism. We revisit the tumultuous relationship between Colt and Larissa. In tears, Larissa reflects on the hopes she had for her relationship with Colt. Colt grows frustrated at Larissa's inability to take blame. Everyone is left speechless as Colt declares he still loves for Larissa. Debbie joins out cast onstage, discussing the hell she went through living with Larissa. Larissa gives her honest opinion about Debbie. Shaun plays a video highlighting the end of Larissa and Colt's relationship. Larissa reveals the real reason she flushed her wedding ring down the toilet. Colt makes a shocking statement about what he wants for the future. Larissa feels attacked when Debbie and Colt react negatively to Eric joining the cast. In Las Vegas, Larissa refuses to rejoin the cast until Colt and Debbie back off. Larissa is ready to move on with her life wishes nothing but good will for Debbie and Colt. Colt becomes distressed over seeing Larissa and Eric together and storms off stage, refusing to contribute until Eric leaves. Colt returns and Eric says his final goodbyes. Shaun welcomes Azan all the way from Morocco, and Nicole's mother Robalee joins the conversation. Shaun plays a clip highlighting the secrets and lies rooted in Nicole and Azan's relationship. Robalee tries to wade through false information in her search for truth. Nicole shuts down when asked to elaborate on their canceled trip to Grenada. Russ warns Nicole to be careful. Shaun introduces Jay's former friends, Michael and Kendell. Shaun plays a clip of the barber shop guys revealing Jay's infidelity to Ashley. The barber shop guys walk us through their side of the story. Jay storms off but only after insinuating that the truth has yet to be revealed. Jay joins the rest of the cast back in the studio as we say goodbye to Michael and Kendell. We revisit the intense confrontation between Ashley and Jay. Colt empathizes with Ashley's decision to call the cops on Jay while Ashley looks back with remorse on the way she treated Jay. Jay defends his infidelity causing Ashley to grow frustrated and storm out of the studio. The cast moves on without Ashley as we revisit Elizabeth & Pao's pregnancies. Nicole is moved to tears. Russ talks about his naiveté believing that this baby would bring Pao and him closer. Elizabeth's mother comes out and introduces baby Eleanor. Elizabeth talks about what she wishes Andrei did differently during her pregnancy. Larissa wishes Colt nothing but happiness as she looks forward to her future. Shaun wishes the cast the best as everyone gives their final words. The cast reflects on where their relationships stand after the emotional rollercoaster the day has brought. Back in Las Vegas, we see Larissa and Eric at the court house for her negotiation hearing. Colt and Debbie enter the court house still firm on their stance of wanting to see Larissa pay. Larissa's hearing comes to a surprising conclusion.

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90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After?