My 600-Lb. Life

SN 8 | EP 13 | Dominic's Story

Dominic Hernandez is too big to hold a job, and when he and his older brother James had the family house sold out from under them recently, all they could think to do was to buy a van with what little cash they had from the sale, and start living in it. But even being homeless and living off food stamps, Dominic still hasn't been able to stop gaining weight, and he knows he needs help to turn his life around before it's too late, before the van becomes a hearse. So when one of the last remaining cousins they can rely on lends them a bit of money to drive to Houston and meet with Dr. Now and get his help, Dominic and James both know that it's a mission they must undertake to save Dominic's life, or he'll eat himself to death. But the path to success for Dominic has many obstacles, not least of which is how to secure stable housing with a kitchen where Dominic can begin to cultivate the healthy eating habit he will need in order to live a healthy life. And when James turns out to be more limited in his support than Dr. Now would like, Dominic proves unable to improve on what little success he has losing weight in the first phases of Dr. Now's program. Dr. Now sends Dominic to psychotherapy to help motivate him to overcome the depression weighing him down, and Dominic begins the hard work of confronting the pain of his traumatic childhood. But after having been stuck for years and years in his unhealthy ways, it will take Dominic time to wake up to the reality of what a dangerous situation he is in, before he can take responsibility for what he must do to change his eating habit and save himself. And after having stretched his body close to a breaking point, time is one thing Dominic might not have much of, if he wants to turn things around and start finally living while he still can.

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My 600-Lb. Life