Garage Rehab

SN 2 | EP 2 | Fly N' Hi

Richard Rawlings, Russell Holmes and Chris Stephens are headed to Phoenix, Arizona, to check out the once-legendary 4x4 shop, Fly 'N Hi. Known for all things off-road related, Fly 'N Hi opened in 1980 and became famous when the original owner, Mark Dye, created the Fly 'N Hi Monster Truck and took it on the road to drum up business for his shop. It's also Barrett Jackson week in Arizona, so this trip is the perfect combo of work and play for Richard. When Richard and the crew roll up, they're shocked at how old and rundown the shop now looks: a dated exterior, peeling paint and no customers to be found. Jeremy, the current owner, takes them on a tour. The retail space is filled with empty boxes instead of product and the shop is filled with broken, outdated equipment. The two lifts in the shop are dangerously out-of-order. But Richard sees the potential in reviving a 38-year old brand and decides to allocate $225,000 of his time, money and contacts to Jeremy. With a shop as big as Fly 'N Hi, Jeremy calls in his many friends and local Fly 'N Hi fans to help with the massive teardown. Once the enormous space is emptied and the Fly 'N Hi crew is gone, Richard, Russell and Chris come up with a new plan to turn the shop and retail area into money-makers. Chris and Russell get to work tackling the giant shop and retail area's transformation, fighting their deadline all the way. Richard's main concern with Jeremy is that he hasn't put any real effort into making his shop a success once he bought it. Jeremy hasn't fixed or updated the equipment and he isn't focused on how to grow his business. Richard takes Jeremy over to Barrett Jackson to teach him the staying power of a brand like Fly 'N Hi and introduces him to his best friend and owner of Black Mountain, Dennis Collins. With the help of Richard, Jeremy gets hooked up by Dennis as the first distributor of Black Mountain. This is just the shot in the arm that Jeremy needed to get Fly N High to start soaring high once again. After a week, it's time for Jeremy to see the brand new Fly 'N Hi. Gone are the empty boxes and broken-down lifts. In their place is brand new equipment and products. Jeremy and his crew are blown away when they see the transformation and the Fly 'N Hi fans come out in full support on opening day. Now Jeremy has everything he needs to make Fly 'N Hi the huge success that it once was and he better, or else it will be Fly 'N Hi by Gas Monkey.

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Garage Rehab
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