Dr. Pimple Popper

SN 101 | EP 2 | The 12 Pops of Christmas

This is a busy time of year for Dr. Lee, as patients want to pay her a visit to deal with their issues before the holiday season. Dr. Lee will show no signs of stopping, because there will be no shortage of popping! With twelve patients jam-packed into one day, Dr. Lee will encounter a variety of skin conditions. Jaila\'s only Christmas wish is to have her twenty-year-old keloids removed. Justin\'s snowman-shaped bump is definitely not filled with snow. Christina has a series of small bumps on her neck that could make for great Christmas pops. Farrah\'s lump in her cheek has taken away all of her holiday cheer. Doris has a giant blackhead on her face that\'s seen 55 Christmases! Randi hopes that Dr. Lee can remove the unsightly white spots around her eyes so she can feel beautiful for the holidays. It has been ten years since Kenneth has experienced a Christmas without a giant hump on his back. Connie is dreaming of a Christmas without whiteheads. Felix has a bump on his head that has been giving him a holiday headache for 25 years. Jean-Marcus has lipomas covering his arms, and he is hoping to bring one home to his wife for Christmas. The only gift Jennifer wants is to have the skin tags covering her neck removed. Nick\'s got blackheads aplenty that he hopes to get rid of before his next big trip! The merry staff will encounter moist sacks of sebaceous skin, shining fatty deposits, oozing pimples, and blackheads eager to escape their cozy winter beds to see what Santa brought them. Will Dr. Lee need a Christmas miracle to get through all of her patients or will she make it through in time to have a holly jolly Christmas with her staff?

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Dr. Pimple Popper