Jeremy Wade's Mighty Rivers

SN 1 | EP 6 | Zambezi

Wild and un-navigable, Africa's iconic Zambezi boasts the world's mightiest waterfall, along with heart-pounding rapids and man-eating crocs. But in the 21st century, just being remote isn't enough to keep a river healthy, and it seems that even this gnarliest of waterways may be in trouble. Starting his investigation in the river's upper reaches, Jeremy takes the plunge with spear-wielding tribesmen to hunt plentiful catfish. Elsewhere, though, he discovers that cheap nets and relentless demand is pushing the Zambezi towards ecological collapse and that poachers are a constant menace. Continuing into Zimbabwe, Jeremy wonders whether a planned mega-dam below Victoria Falls could prove an even bigger blow to the river's wild character. He soon finds out that asking too many questions can land you in trouble. Ending his journey in Mozambique, Jeremy has an opportunity to see from the air the profound effect that an up-stream dam is having on the Zambezi's delta, and to consider the future of this spectacular river.

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Jeremy Wade's Mighty Rivers
Season 1