90 Day Fiancé

SN 101 | EP 102 | Secrets & Lies

Love is never easy, but a relationship filled with secrets and lies will always struggle to find a happy ending. Looking back at some of the biggest reveals in 90 Day history, including long kept secrets, legal troubles, past loves, and infidelity. The most shocking reveals will test each couple's relationship as they fight for their happily ever after. Relationships are tested as ghosts from the past reveal themselves. Annie finds out how David's last marriage failed, Abby struggles to keep straight her current and past relationships, Jeniffer learns that she's not the first Colombian in Tim's life and Tania confesses her fiancé is not her soulmate. Keeping secrets from their significant others takes a toll and it's time to come clean. Avery drops a bomb that she's planning to move to Syria, Loren admits she asked for strippers at her bachelorette party, Miryam comes clean about her current boyfriend and Chantel explains the terms of Pedro's K1 visa. Legal issues can have an effect on both parties when it begins to interfere with the visa process. Jihoon confesses he's in debt from a criminal past, Jon reveals his temper has gotten the better of him in the past, Paul is denied residency due to his "terrorist" activities and Ronald tells tales of pawning appliances to fund his gambling habit. Long distance relationships can lead to breach of trust and coming clean to a partner is not easy. Nicole admits she wanted a "night off," Larry questions Jenny's still active dating profile, Chantel is confronted with evidence that Pedro wasn't on his best behavior and Angela catches Michael in a lie. The biggest bomb drops in 90 Day history continue as Ricky admits that Ximena was his backup plan, Kalani admits to her sister that she's pregnant on the eve of her wedding, Rebecca confesses that she's still married while preparing to accept a proposal from Zied and Paul reveals to Karine his criminal past.

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90 Day Fiancé